This program is a personalized approach designed for those of you who need more support and accountability in your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. Here are the details:

Initial Assessment (45-60 min)
During this session we will review your current dietary habits and typical routine using the assessment forms provided. We’ll discuss the areas you struggle with and work together to set some realistic, achievable short-term goals. In addition, I’ll provide you with two week of sample meals based on the calorie goal I calculate for you, along with snack ideas and recipe resources.

In addition to your nutrition plan, we’ll also discuss your current activity level. I’m not a personal trainer but I will direct you to some reliable workout resources and work with you to increase your activity level (if it’s safe for you to do so according to your doctor).

Follow up (30 min)
We will discuss your progress and how close we are to achieving your short term goals. Youll be able con consult on problems or concerns you have following the plan. If you want we can reassess your goals and adjust the meal plan.

• One check-in per week via email/skype/phone
• Email WhatsApp availability for questions
• Adaptation and changes to your plan, if necessary.
• Weekly physical activity log checking

• Seven more days of meal ideas
• More recipe suggestions based on your food preferences.
• Session to evaluate progress and set new short-term goals

I hope you embark on this new journey with me! Fill out the contact information to get you set up right away!

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