Eat your Veggies!

Why won’t we eat vegetables if everyone keeps saying is the key to better health today and in the future? I believe is human nature. We love something quick, fun and satisfying but don’t really like to take the time to take care of our “firearm health”. There are a few areas in our lives, where this probably really doesn’t matter much. Then there are the few that really do matter, like our health, our relationships, our careers and yes, our skills. But of course as Booker T. Washington said “Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.” This is where the Broccoli comes in. It really is like eating vegetables. We know they are good for us, very good for us.. We don’t even question it and yet some of us still avoid them like the plaque. And why is that? Don’t you rather eat a bunch of greens than take a bunch of medication filled with side effects? Its us dietitians telling you what history keeps assuring : We are what we eat, point! So the moral of the story is: enjoy the simple things and the things that make you laugh but also invest in your health. Read, train, practice and grow in your knowledge of what just might keep you alive if the horrific and unexpected happens. So yes, Oh and yes, ill repeat this many times: EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!!!.

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